Colors for living room

Colors for living room – advice to determine the best room paint colors. The first thing to do is choose the right color scheme for your living room. The color scheme will indicate which color you want on your walls, doors, accessories and other accents. Now, how do you choose the color scheme?

Well, there are some areas that are directed to your color scheme should be based. One is the single largest furniture in the room. Size of the room, the focal point, the height between the floor and ceiling, the way the space is used, setting the lighting and atmosphere you want to create in the room is another factor importante.Colores rooms be
The next thing to do is to choose the right paint. A TV material or paint does not shine by helping to hide imperfections. It is also stain resistant offering good protective layer.

However, they can change the entire feeling you are trying to make the paint so choose carefully. Use gloss finish satin like finish or semi-gloss to cover architectural details such as doors and trim. It is easy to clean and it looks good. Acrylic used for doors and windows, but use of latex or water-based paint for walls.

Colors for living room | sala de estar


Colors for living room | sala de estar


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